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College Rivalry Week for Uganda Missions

November 11th-15th, we will be having a fundraiser for our sponsor children Simon and Chocrean. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for them. This money will go towards their tuition for school and a Christmas present for them. We have a lot fun things planned to raise money and get excited for the big game between MSU and U of M. Our goal is to have a contest between fans of the two teams. The kids can support their team by dressing up for spirit days, buying a sticker to add to their teams poster, and donating money. We have spirit days for the week on the flyer attached. We will be coming around tomorrow morning to hand these flyers out to the kids. We will come around every morning of next week to tally how many kids have dressed up and for what team they dressed up for. When kids dress up it will be counted towards their team and we will have a winner at the end of the week. Also, if the kids want to wear a hat they can if they pay $1 per day. Student Council will collect that money when we come around to tally. Both U of M and MSU will have a poster and we want to fill that poster up by having kids buy stickers that student council will put on the poster. There will be a short assembly at 2:30 to reveal the winner. The seniors will be split up by U of M fans and MSU fans and the winning team will get to spray the losing team with Silly String. We are so excited for this week!
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How Many Lunch Time Bible Studies Do We Have?

One, two, three, four, five, six.... One on Tuesday for high school girls with Mrs. McCain in room 8 (starting October 22); One on Wednesday for middle school boys in the gathering room with Pastor Voigt; three on Thursday: high school boys in the gathering room with Pastor Voigt, middle school/high school girls in room 8 with Mrs. Hauk, and junior/senior girls in room 9 with Hannah Z and Mrs. O'Keefe; and one on Friday for high school girls in room 8 with Mrs. Hauk.
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LCS Basketball at Little Caesar's Arena

Livingston Christian Falcon Night at Little Caesar’s Arena is on Monday, November 25th. With a half-day of school on that day, we will have our Varsity/JV Boys and Varsity Girls playing exhibition games vs. the HAACH Cougars from a 2:00-4:00 window. Our 5/6 Grade Teams will also have the opportunity to shoot on the floor as well during breaks. Then, we will have our tickets to watch the Detroit Pistons play the Orlando Magic at 7:00pm. Every player, coach, and spectator will need a Pistons ticket to get in for the afternoon/evening events. Tickets must be purchased by November 14th!
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