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It is incumbent on Livingston Christian Schools to train young Christian men and women to apply the truth of Scripture in their homes, their future careers, and in all of life and knowledge. Christian education calls for an educational process that puts the Bible at the center and asks the student to evaluate all he sees in the world through the eyes of God-because God is Truth. All must conform to Him or it is not Truth. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6) In true Christian education, students, parents, and teachers learn to use the Bible to evaluate all of life. The Bible is life; it is the Living Word.
There is an important difference between a Christian and a secular viewpoint on any given subject. Even though knowledge is factually the same for both, no subject can be taught in the totality of its truth if the Creator is ignored or denied. Knowledge is purified by the recognition of God’s place in it. No other approach can be wholly God -honoring for parents and children as this approach through Scripture.
Parents and children in the school consider the Word of God clear in making Christian parents responsible for the education of their children. Education is not limited to the counsels of God revealed in His Word, but does include the counsels of God revealed in His world. These parents want their children to be educated at home and school with the consciousness that all truth is God’s truth, including history and geography, science, music, and the arts. Jesus Christ is to be central in all learning and living.

From the Desk of Mr. Nast

Usually I’m writing something like this at Thanksgiving, but the response to our year-end appeal was so extraordinary I feel it is important for you to know that you not only met but exceeded the  matching fund goal - significantly.  Thank you to each who contributed.  We had a total of forty nine giving units donate, and they spanned the range of alumni, long term families, new families to the school this year, staff, and those who have never had a student at the school.  To each of them I extend my most sincere gratitude.  Our board has worked diligently to manage the resources we have, but sometimes it seems the challenges may be greater than the resources.  What I and others needed to be reminded of was that as long as God is the provider the resources will always be sufficient for us to serve him.  I needed that reminder and he used forty nine families to accomplish that.  Thank you, all.

Recent News

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome New Students for Semester 2!

January 2021 has brought many new and returning students to LCS. We are rejoicing and thankful to God for these new blessings. Welcome Adam, Andy, Arthur, Janell, Lydia, Paige, Rory, Sawyer and welcome back Jakob, Jonas, Jozhua, Joel and Graham. And there are a few more that we might add to that list this week!

What's a Snow Day? I Want One!

With the potential of snowy and icy weather upon us please be reminded that if a “snow day” is announced students will not come to the building, but will also not be assigned any “school work” for the day. A snowman or snow fort would be cool options.

Discover the Wonder of God's Creation

The next time you are in the building stop by the fourth grade room long enough to observe the galaxies display Mrs. Highfield has placed in her windows while her class discovers the wonders of God’s creation.

PTO in Action

After considering the challenges of preparing for the sportsman’s banquet in March we have determined there are too many unknowns to be able to move ahead with the event this year. We will postpone it until next school year when we hope the Covid effect will have been eliminated or at least significantly diminished. Our PTO is evaluating other ways to assist in fundraising during the remainder of the year to help offset the postponement of the banquet. If you would like to participate in the PTO but don’t quite know how to get involved just contact the office and we’ll give you all the information you’ll need. It’s a great way to get to know other parents and help the school at the same time.

Please Join our Prayer Partners

Mrs. Carol Cook has led a group of parents for the last few years who are committed to praying for our students, staff, board and the various needs of the school. Moms in Prayer quietly has done and continues to do a yeoman’s job of supporting the school in this critical ministry. This is Mrs. Cook’s final year at the school, as her youngest child will be graduating and moving on to college. If you feel prayer is a ministry you would like to become involved in or lead please contact the office and they will put you in touch with Mrs. Cook. Next Sunday evening at 5:00 we will be praying as a school for all things LCS and thanking God for all he has done and is continuing to bless us with this year. We will meet in room 6 at 5:00 p..m. and finish by 6:00 p.m. We’d love to have you join us. Just drop in and enjoy the hearts of other LCS families as we acknowledge the importance of God in our school.

Intent to Re-Enroll

If you are one of the few families who have not yet submitted your Intent to Re-Enroll form, it is linked here. Open enrollment begins February 1st, so please complete the form by then or contact the LCS office at

BBall Boys: JV & Varsity

The official start date for practices will be on Monday, January 18th unless there are changes along the way. I will be updating TeamSnap in the days ahead as I continue to make practice/game schedule changes, but I wanted you to at least get this news as it came out today. Although it sounds like you will be back for in-person learning after the break, we won’t be able to get started right away on the official basketball practice side. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns along the way......really looking forward to getting started. Thanks! Coach Jason Stiles Athletic Director | Varsity BB/Golf Coach

Think Spring

Huntmore in Brighton is offering golf lessons to kids through the Birdie Buddies program. LCS has no affiliation with this organization but we are happy to pass along this information for those who may want to pursue this opportunity.

Super Sleuths of Second Grade

Second graders at LCS are expected to read for at least 20 minutes at home every day.... discover more information in the Super Sleuths of Second Grade newsletter....

Chit Chat for the New Year

5th graders at LCS are learning how Ruth demonstrates God’s providence in circumstances that seem tragic. He uses these times to work out his good plan.

Covid Guidelines Updates from the LCHD

In an effort to keep our families informed of the most up-to-date information we are receiving regarding the Covid 19 virus, we are passing along this information. You can "read more" for the county's most recent advice about quarantines.

Moms in Prayer

Moms in Prayer has prayed for school families and issues throughout the summer and are continuing into the fall. Their group is very disciplined and they take their ministry seriously. However, we’d love to have the number of parents involved in the ministry grow. Many of the participants represent older students in the school and it would be beneficial to have an influx of moms of younger children, as well. It is not a major time commitment and we know that God honors prayer and those who fervently seek his will in their lives and the life of the school. Plus, it’s a way you can support the school without ever reaching for your purse.

Keep LCS Safe, Healthy, and Open

Just a reminder that we need your consistent oversight of your children’s health. Please review with each child how they feel and check their temperature each day prior to dropping them at school. If they are not well, please do not have them attend.that day. Have them return when they are healthy and able to participate again.

Preschool and PreK are Peanut - FREE!

Please note that we are a peanut free and tree nut free classroom for both preschool and prek classrooms. Please be sure that your child’s snacks and lunch are peanut free and tree nut free! Thank you!

Jamaica Mission Trip

LCS has travelled to Jamaica with Pastor Kris Mavin every-other year since 2011. However, due to the uncertainty created by the coronavirus, it has been postponed from early 2021 to early in 2022 but graduates of the LCS Class of 2021 who had planned to participate on this life-changing mission trip will be welcome to attend.

Upcoming Events