LCS is Hiring

Full time secondary certified social studies teacher for fall of 2019 needed.  Teach two sections world history, two sections of US history, and one section of psychology.

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If you're looking for Christ-centered teachers, curriculum, and families, look no further than Livingston Christian Schools.  At LCS, students are learning to love Jesus Christ more deeply while growing in academic acuity, athletic proficiency, social maturity, and even philosophical profundity. At LCS nothing is common in the core subjects nor its experienced teachers.  Whether studying calculus or learning phonics, LCS students are guided through a highly rigorous and challenging curriculum designed to prepare graduates for the college and career of their choosing.  While excelling academically Livingston Christian students also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in sports teams and clubs.  Social development comes easily for some students, but those who struggle will consistently experience the care and love of their teachers and support staff along with their classmates.  Scriptural love is an action of care for others that LCS students are guided to live and embrace, with the understanding that it is what Jesus expects of each of us at LCS.

From the Desk of Mr. Nast

In “The Truth Project” Dr. Tackett addresses a variety of topics based on the Christian worldview.  In the first tour he presents a concept that is woven throughout the remaining “tours,” what he calls the Cosmic Battle.  It is, in fact, an ongoing fight between God’s truth and every lie that runs contrary to his truth. It pits the lies and illusions of the world against what God established as eternal.  Truth is what is really real; it corresponds to God’s reality. When God’s plan is for unity the world calls for divisiveness, where God establishes authority he’s countered with rebellion, responsibility with blame, and social roles with jealousy.  Dr. Tackett’s point is that so many of our failures are because we don’t recognize the allurement of the world for what it is - Satan’s or our own lies. In Genesis the serpent began the cosmic battle with the question, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”  It was his first deception and it paved the way for every deception since. It’s our goal to help our students learn to see deception for what it is - contrary to God’s truth. We hope you will work with your children in the same way to develop a desire for truth rather than lies, particularly when those lies are often so attractive.

Recent News

LCS is Hiring

Full time secondary certified social studies teacher for fall of 2019 needed.  Teach two sections world history, two sections of US history, and one section of psychology.

Sportman Dinner for the Win!

Wow! The LCS Sportsman Dinner was the place to be on Saturday. Not only did Dave make a delicious dinner, Jonathan made some hilarious jokes and LCS made a lot of money to support our mission to keep Building Disciples and Inspiring Academic Excellence Through Biblically Based Education. Wendy is still counting the cash so check back soon for an update on how friends and families new and old generously donated to Livingston County's only traditional PS-12 Christian school.

Spring Spirit Wear Coming Soon!

The LCS Spring Spirit Wear online ordering will begin Friday 3/22 and be open for 2 weeks - until April 5th. There are some new items, like baseball caps, joggers and shorts. This will be the last sale of the year, so please make sure you get your order in (online). If you do not get an electronic confirmation that your order went through online, please call Kensingston Valley Varsity at (810) 227-6800. To view the online store and place orders, click the link.

Pictures! Pictures! We Want Pictures!

Parents, Teachers, Students.... email with any and every picture you have that is school related. We can't preserve your memories if you don't send them to us!

Class of 2020: Eleventh Grade Testing

On May 1, 2019, LCS will administer the CLT to the 11th grade students. We highly suggest visiting the practice site and take advantage of this free opportunity. Families will be responsible for arranging for ACT and/or SAT testing directly though those organizations if you choose for your students to take either/both of those tests.

Upcoming Events

25 Mar

PTO Meeting

3:15 PM – 4:45 PM
6th grade room