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It's time to start gathering goodies to auction off in November! "Read Full Story" for details on how to shop and more.

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Welcome to Livingston Christian Schools

If you're looking for Christ-centered teachers, curriculum, and families, look no further than Livingston Christian Schools.  At LCS, students are learning to love Jesus Christ more deeply while growing in academic acuity, athletic proficiency, social maturity, and even philosophical profundity. At LCS nothing is common in the core subjects nor its experienced teachers.  Whether studying calculus or learning phonics, LCS students are guided through a highly rigorous and challenging curriculum designed to prepare graduates for the college and career of their choosing.  While excelling academically Livingston Christian students also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in sports teams and clubs.  Social development comes easily for some students, but those who struggle will consistently experience the care and love of their teachers and support staff along with their classmates.  Scriptural love is an action of care for others that LCS students are guided to live and embrace, with the understanding that it is what Jesus expects of each of us at LCS.

From the Desk of Mr. Nast

It’s always encouraging to me when our staff and students receive compliments from people outside the school.  With that in mind here are two such notes from last week.

Hi Mrs. Nazione,

My name is Michael Holden. I am not sure if you remember me but you were my Algebra 1 teacher and I think you might have been my English teacher as well in 8th grade back in 2007-2008. I wanted to email you because I wanted to let you know how big of a difference you made in my life. I remember being loud, very distracted, often tired, and usually silly in nearly every class I was in so I am sure it was the same when I was in yours. It turned out that I had ADHD and I wasn't officially diagnosed until high school, so I'm sorry about that.

One of the things I remember about you was how patient and kind you were to me. I remember not understanding things or not wanting to do my work, but you helped me through it. I remember you giving me tools to help me be successful and gently helping me stay on task. Schoolwork was hard for me then and I did not like it, but you made it better.

I was a Bible major in college and I became a youth pastor immediately after here in Austin, TX where I live now. I started working at a school to supplement my income and I loved it so much that I got my certification and I am now a 3rd grade teacher! The reason I am a teacher now is in part to the work you did for me in 8th grade. My parents still talk about you and how wonderful you were for me.

For everything you did, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the homework, the gentle reminders, the patience, the support, that one time you let us watch a YouTube video in class, and for the example you set that I try to follow now in my own classroom. You are a blessing to every student who enters your classroom. I hope you are having your best year yet!


Michael Holden

And here is one from our elementary school spiritual life speaker last week, Jerry Jacoby.  He refers not only to a teacher but our students, as well.

Dear Ted,
We have said our ‘goodbyes’ and given our ‘thank yous’ but I have to add a further comment about what I observed at Livingston Christian this week.
First, I know we both agree that this was God’s work and we thank Him for what transpired.
But may I add that I have rarely seen a group of elementary students better focused, more courteous and attentive than I saw this week. You obviously have a staff which creates a safe, well-ordered environment for your kids. Your school is a calm, happy place! I just did chapel and never had to worry about discipline or attention issues. Thank you.
I got to observe Mrs. Johnson in action with several classes. She is an unusually talented and experienced musician and teacher. Please do not pass my comments along to her as I have already shared my opinions about her work with her and I wouldn’t want her to get a big head! ;)  I very often find kids today who don’t like to sing and cannot carry a simple melody. Observing Mrs. Johnson in action I saw kids who are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed singing out with great gusto.

Fortunately, these are the teachers who are working with your children each day.  They and the rest of our team are who make LCS a tool in God’s hand. 
Check out the Reviews and Recommendations page to read more and while you're there we'd love to hear from you as well!

Recent News

Auction News

It's time to start gathering goodies to auction off in November! "Read Full Story" for details on how to shop and more.

Athletes: Order Photos by November 1st

LCS athlete's portraits have been taken by ignited Photography and are now available online to order. Please check your email for the link and select the gallery for your child's sport.

Bair Lake 2.0

The high school trip to Bair Lake has been rescheduled for December 4th-6th.

Dino Donations

Jake Bury and his crew of fifth grade helpers otherwise known as the Dino Donators, collected over $179 from LCS students in first through sixth grades in just one week to benefit our Ugandan students Simon and Chocrean. Way to Go, Falcons!

Fall Fun Night for Secondary (Grades 8-12)

The LCS Student Council is planning the annual Fall Fun Night at the Brown's Barn in Fowlerville on Friday, October 25th, from 5-9pm. $5 per student + girls bring dessert and boys bring snacks. Tickets will be sold at lunch Monday and Tuesday, October 21 and 22.

Family Directory Coming Soon!

If you would like a PDF of the LCS Family Directory, please email from the email account to which you would like it sent. Please make the subject line "Directory".

Homework Request Policy

In anticipation of absences during the upcoming cold and flu season, please review the LCS Homework Request Policy.

Honor Roll and Principal’s List Qualifications

We have been reviewing the ‘Honor Roll/Principal List” policies, specifically the protocol for qualifying for either the honor roll or principal list. The current policy states, ‘Each quarter, grades from every class will be averaged to determine if a student qualifies for the Honor Roll. If a student’s average is 90% - 94.9% then he/she qualifies for the Honor Roll.” The principal’s list current language states, “Each quarter, grades from every class will be averaged to determine if a student qualifies for the Principal’s List. If a student’s average is 95% or higher, he/she qualifies for the Principal’s List.” The new language for the honor roll and principal’s list designations is as follows: “Each quarter, grades from every class must be 90% - 94.9% to qualify for the Honor Roll.” The principal’s list new language is, “”Each quarter, grades from every class must be 95% or higher to qualify for the Principal’s List.” The new language is effective the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.

How Many Lunch Time Bible Studies Do We Have?

One, two, three, four, five, six.... One on Tuesday for high school girls with Mrs. McCain in room 8 (starting October 22); One on Wednesday for middle school boys in the gathering room with Pastor Voigt; three on Thursday: high school boys in the gathering room with Pastor Voigt, middle school/high school girls in room 8 with Mrs. Hauk, and junior/senior girls in room 9 with Hannah Z and Mrs. O'Keefe; and one on Friday for high school girls in room 8 with Mrs. Hauk.

LCS Basketball at Little Caesar's Arena

Livingston Christian Falcon Night at Little Caesar’s Arena is on Monday, November 25th. With a half-day of school on that day, we will have our Varsity/JV Boys and Varsity Girls playing exhibition games vs. the HAACH Cougars from a 2:00-4:00 window. Our 5/6 Grade Teams will also have the opportunity to shoot on the floor as well during breaks. Then, we will have our tickets to watch the Detroit Pistons play the Orlando Magic at 7:00pm. Every player, coach, and spectator will need a Pistons ticket to get in for the afternoon/evening events. Tickets must be purchased by November 14th!

Moms in Prayer

Moms in Prayer meets every other Friday from 2-3pm in the Naz Conference Room beginning November 1st.

MSP, Student Council, and Mrs. Spelman

With the help and expertise of Mrs. Spelman’s cookie making skills and our student councils’ delivery service we were able to thank the local Michigan State Police officers for their work with our staff last summer. They spent a half day training our staff in security procedures tailored for our Brighton location. It was a small way to say thanks to those who care for us.

True Girl Pajama Party Hosted by The Naz

Grab your favorite cozy onesie and a bag of popcorn—it’s time for the ultimate girls’ night! Together moms and their 7-12 year old daughters will make memories to last a lifetime without losing any sleep. With live music, a fashion show, interactive games, and practical Bible teaching, this is one party you won’t wanna snooze at.

Upcoming Events