From the Desk of Mr. Nast

In 2007 we were in need of a new second grade teacher, and in walked Mrs. White.  I still remember interviewing her with Miss Chapman. When she left we looked at each other and said, “WOW.”  We knew we had found the teacher who was perfectly suited for that age and grade. She was full of love and warmth for children and spoke excitedly about her relationship with Jesus Christ.  We had the perfect solution for our needs. It took only a few days of school to confirm our belief that she was the one God had prepared to be a part of the LCS team - and what a job she has done!  Now, Mrs. White is approaching the end of her teaching years as she has chosen to retire in concert with her husband so they can spend their future together enjoying the freedom of spoiling grandchildren, travel, and enjoying their love for each other.  “Mamma White” has been special to so many families that have had their children enjoy her extraordinary love and care. While it’s not time to say good-bye yet, I hope you take the time to appreciate, over the remaining four months, all the work and love she has poured into our students - past and current.  I sure will.