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From the Desk of Mr. Nast

“When will the chaos end?” is a recurring theme throughout the world, our country, and our state.  If you’ve watched the political landscape in Michigan and our country it has been easy to question the sensibility of those involved in the process.  I’ve not previously witnessed the total breakdown of morality and ethical behavior as I have this past summer and throughout the fall.  The lust for power, the pretense that a previous wrong justifies the destruction of life and property, lies that are often blatant and obvious, and anger that manifests itself, often without provocation are all taking center stage..  Chaos?  You bet.  Yet coming to school each day I feel as if God has provided a bastion of normalcy through our staff, students, families and our goals of representing Jesus Christ to our community.  We may have some restrictions with which to deal, but so far those haven’t stopped the work God has entrusted to us.  The next time you feel frustrated with all that is occurring around you, consider what is transpiring in the classrooms of LCS.   I suspect it will lift your spirits just as it does mine.