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From the Desk of Mr. Nast

With Easter upon us my Bible automatically opens to the gospel accounts of some portion of the death and resurrection of Jesus :Christ.  Peter, a fascinating character, has been maligned for his impetuousness and applauded for his leadership. In John 18 we see him at one of his weakest times and completely out of place.  Peter is in the inner court during Jesus’ trial.  He simply won’t stay where Jesus puts him.  In the garden he drew a sword and Jesus had to rescue him. I believe he loves Jesus so much he can’t stand to be away from him, particularly after he claimed he’d never dessert him.  He was so self-confident that he thought he could stand up to anything.  I've often wondered about us.  God provides a secure place and tells us not to get caught up in the world’s system, its entertainment, its philosophy, customs, being part of “the scene”  until we are strong enough to successfully navigate them.  Later, Peter was strong enough in his preaching and actions and death.

But here he is near a door, waiting for another disciple to get him closer to where Jesus is on trial.  He wanted to get near Jesus so he would protect him.  But he didn’t plan very well because as he was going through the door a girl stopped him and asked, “You’re not one his disciples, are you?”  He immediately replied, “I am not.”  I suspect Peter must have shocked himself with the way he responded.  “Oh, what did I say?”  He spoke out of fear, without thinking.  Here he was, being admitted to Jesus’ trial and he was ready for that, but he wasn’t ready for the door girl.  We plan for a significant challenge that could create a major problem for us in our Christian testimony,but we fail to plan for the quick hitter on the way to it.  Things catch us off guard.  That’s how Satan works. We get overly confident  and get hit unawares. Peter was ready to take on the Jewish leaders and even the Romans, but he wasn’t ready for a maid, and he blew it.  One of the goals of LCS is to prepare students to respond to those “quick hitters”  that can damage their lives.  

This Easter I hope you will see the importance of preparation in your children‘s lives.  It’s why you take them to church, enroll them in a Christian school, and teach them scriptural tenents in your home.  One day, like Peter, they will be ready to respond to a godless world and the temptations of it and know they are equipped to discern lies from the truth and live out their faith in Jesus Christ.  All of us at LCS wish you a joyous Easter.