From the Desk of Mr. Nast

Each year the end of May brings with it new blossoms, grass to cut, and baseball games to attend with children.  It also signals the last days at LCS for our graduating class, consisting this year of twelve students. Some of the twelve are “lifers,” those who began in preschool and are now finishing fourteen years later. Some joined LCS more recently, but all of them are truly exceptional young people, prepared for life after high school.  All will be pursuing further education in college and vocational training. In their exit interviews the dominant memory they revealed was the Jamaica trip and how it affected their lives emotionally and spiritually. I was impressed by each of their goals for the future and how they are planning for them. I was also impressed by their connections to their teachers and how impactful those relations have been on the graduates.  Each year I think we have the best group of graduates any school could have, and this year is no different. I extend my congratulations to each graduate and thank their parents who committed their time and resources to making sure their children would not only complete high school but grow in their relations with Jesus Christ at the same time. Teachers, thank you for all you poured into these lives over the past years. It takes a complete package to mold young people into what our graduates have become.