From the Desk of Mr. Nast

It's summer vacation, and it’s time to thank some people who have quietly and efficiently performed duties that are so easily are overlooked.  Moving into the NAZ we anticipated some adjustments being needed in the lunch program. Mrs. Brooks and her corp of volunteers accepted the challenge and performed admirably.  Thank you to each of you who assisted in the lunch program. Dave DelCorvo joined Bonnie in the kitchen, preparing lunches. Even our students adapted to a set-up and tear-down for lunchtime, and I thank them as well.  It’s been a couple of years since last we were able to field a DI team, but thanks to several women we entered three teams in the team-building program this year. Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Barrish, Mrs. Shiposh, and Mrs. Martin - I can’t thank you enough for resurrecting the DI program.  Mr. Highfield and Mrs. Byers once again put together a group of robotic team enthusiasts and led them to new achievements this year. I loved going to the events and watching Robby II compete. That was fun, Steel Falcons. Midway through the school year we were joined by Mr. Moliterno who has weekly volunteered in the elementary classrooms while becoming a favorite of our students.  You are much appreciated. Cherry was able to return for her second year at LCS while being housed by the Denny family. Because she was able to spend another year at our school she also was able to participate in the trip to Jamaica where she gave her life to Christ. Thank you Dennys for making that possible. By the way, we need two host homes for foreign exchange students next year - food for thought.  It’s amazing how the yearbook suddenly appears at the end of school. Or, maybe it’s because of all the work of Mrs. Autry that we have such an expertly produced book to enjoy. She spends many volunteer hours putting that together. You’re a super lady, Mrs. Autry. The athletic program continued to enjoy success because of the many men and women who gave countless hours to work with our students. Each of you - thank you for all you did to help our students have fun and grow in a safe and encouraging environment.  There are many more programs that couldn’t be possible without parent involvement such as Moms in Prayer, lunch time Bible studies, safety patrol, Motor Moms, and others.  To each of you who gave of your skills and time - THANK YOU, ALL!