From the Desk of Mr. Nast

A few of us remember, mostly from the accounts of our parents, WWII and the effect it had on people. I was born after the war, but my folks told me of the fear followed by the determination that gripped the nation.  When 911 occurred, all who were old enough to understand will never forget what they were doing when they turned on the live coverage and watched and wondered how such a thing could happen. We felt for the people involved and prayed for them, but that was from afar.  It didn’t affect most of us personally. We could see it, but it wasn’t nearly as oppressive as something that affects our daily lives like the virus has. It has changed a lot at LCS, most noticeably the way we deliver education. But it is also affecting what parents are doing and how they are grappling with the disruption to their norms and children who are bored.  It’s affected income and added fear about the assets people have accumulated and much more. During these times I’m trying to see this from the perspective of my relationship with God. I think God is saying, “Here I am” in place of all the things we typically rely on during challenging times. Whether it’s our position at work, our toys (electronic and otherwise), our personal contacts, or our portfolios - none of them provide the hope and peace that only he can give.  And he may be waiting for us to grasp on to the one who we so often ignore because we don’t have time. We have a lot of it now.