From the Desk of Mr. Nast

While we hold several professional development opportunities each year for our faculty it has been some time since last we attended a day of spiritual focus and renewal such as we did last Friday.  LCS teachers and I attended an ACSI event at Spring Arbor University at which we were treated to a reminder of why Christian education is significant to God. When viewing education through the academic lens quality Christian schools and government schools produce a very similar product.  Each has representation of students who excel, those who struggle, and those who academically learn at what we traditionally have considered “average.” Then, why put your children in a Christian school? I was reminded last Friday that the success of a Christian school is not how the students do while attending the school but rather how and what are they doing ten or twenty years later.  That is when we can measure the value of Christian schools and their partners: churches and Christian families. Cardus, a non-partisan research company, recently released its 2018 results which noted several distinctions between government schooling and Christian education. We will share those results with our school community in the near future. Of the data contained in the study it is clear that graduates of Christian schools are far more likely to continue in their faith on into adulthood than those who attend government schools.  It is one of our goals at LCS to not only prepare students for college or trade but also for life and eternity. Last Friday, our teachers and I were reminded of this through speakers and group meetings with other Christian educators. I thank you for supporting your children’s teachers and encouraging them to continue their commitment to you, their students, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.