From the Desk of Mr. Nast

A new year commences, and with it comes the hopes and expectations of changes people seek for themselves.  They include more of this and less of that, often with sincere intentions. However, even more quickly than the excitement brought by children’s toys and games on Christmas Day has evaporated our goals for a changed “me” have found their way to the bin of “maybe next year.”   If God could or would match our level of commitment, and fortunately, he can’t, we’d have no reason to trust him or his word. Succinctly clear in Hebrews 13 he wrote, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  He has never changed and never will.  Nor will his love for each family and each family member at LCS.  It is his constancy that secures our eternality with him. It is his love that we at LCS, who serve your families, desire to demonstrate  every day to your children that they will know our Savior and grow in the grace he has shown us. Jesus will never change with the beginning of a new year.  He loves each of us totally every minute of our lives, and he simply seeks to have us acknowledge and love him in return for who he is - God. Maybe that would be a good new year’s resolution for each of us.