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If you would like to learn more about how filling your gas tank can save $1,500 in tuition, read on:
If a person spends an average of $250 on gas a month, bought gas at Marathon and purchased a scrip card through the LCS Scrip Program, they would save $10 a month on tuition, $120 a year, and $1,560 in the course of one child’s education.

Using the LCS Scrip program for gas, clothing, dinners out, gifts, and much more, an average family could multiply its tuition savings by hundreds... even thousands of dollars! 

If a tuition break isn’t what your family is looking for, you could choose to donate any percentage of tuition savings to LCS. Your family could get a little, AND give a little with the LCS Scrip program.


How Scrip Works

Great Lakes Scrip Center buys gift cards from retailers at a discount. Every other week, you may place an order from participating retailers for full market value. The Scrip Coordinator submits all of the LCS family orders and delivers them to the LCS office at the end of that week. Because of the initial discount given by the retailer, you, as a consumer, are given a rebate on your child’s LCS account. 

YOU PAY... $100 to LCS Scrip
YOU RECEIVE... A $100 Macy's (for example!) Gift Card - JUST like the gift cards you can purchase at Macy's
YOU EARN... a 10% rebate ($10) applied to your child's LCS account (or however you would like your rebate applied)
*Each participating retailer gives different rebate percentages. These percentages can be found at

Who can use Scrip?
Any family can use Scrip - you simply have to fill out your order form or order online. Your extended family and friends may also participate, and help your family save on Christian education! You can just add their order to your form or have them order online.

Ordering Cards
Orders are due in the school office every other Monday at 8:30 am. Order forms are available in the office if needed. You may see the list of available retailers and the discount percentages they offer at Just fill out the order form, add $2.25 for shipping, and turn in your form and payment to the office. Checks made payable to LCS and cash are accepted. Your order will be in the school office, available for you to pick up at the end of the week. 

Cash and Carry: Pre-loaded Cards
The LCS office sells pre-loaded scrip cards – Cash and Carry­. They can be purchased during regular office hours throughout the week. These cards are sold on a first-come/first-serve basis. Meijer, Speedway, Kohl's,and many more of the regularly ordered cards can be purchased through the cash and carry system .The rebates from these purchases will also be added to your family’s tuition account.
Once you have a Scrip account, you can order online at