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What parents are saying..... 
Robotics! What a blessing this has been.  The dedication of the leaders just blows me away.  I know they put in countless hours.  Their encouragement and enthusiasm has had a big impact on my daughter and surely other students as well.
For more information about the LCS Steel Falcons contact Mrs. Byers or Mr. Highfield.
2019 Recap:
LCS Steel Falcons Robotics 2019 team #7220 attended their final competition of the season at Livonia. After 80 qualification matches, our team was ranked 13 out of the 40 teams present and selected to be on the 2nd alliance. We were very blessed to be chosen for an alliance as only a second year team. The second alliance beat the sixth alliance in the first match but lost the next two matches as alliance six went on to win the entire competition. We like to consider that 3rd place! 


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