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Student Support Services

Student Support Services
Livingston Christian Schools Student Support Services Program

The Lord loves variety and has created His children accordingly. Some learn differently than others.

The Boost Program’s mission is to assist students who learn in ways not always possible in the regular classroom. The goals of this program are:

  • To help children succeed in the Livingston Christian School’s academic advanced program
  • Attain grade level proficiency
  • Improve in basic skills
  • Allows gifted students the opportunity to excel

Boost is offered one-on-one, as well as in small group settings. Student participation is available based on parent and teacher evaluations. The program is run by a certified teacher qualified to work with multiple grades. The program administrator works with the LCS teacher(s), parent(s), and the student to determine goals and timelines for specific academic areas.

The Boost Program allows LCS students to reach their full potential in a loving and encouraging environment.