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LCS Elementary » Kindergarten



  • Life Science
  • Distinguishes identifiable characteristics and behaviors of fish, snails and worms
  • Identifies the certain environmental conditions required by fish, snails and worms to survive
  • Knows that different kinds of isopods can be identified by their structure and behavior
  • Identifies the certain environmental conditions required by isopods to survive
  • Distinguishes the identifiable characteristics of different kinds of fabric
  • Understands that fabric is used for many things in our everyday lives
  • Understands that fabrics are made by weaving threads together using alternating patterns
  • Understands that some fabrics absorb water, while others repel water
  • Understands that fabric can be permanently dyed in a wide variety of colors
  • Write counts by 1’s forward to 100
  • Counts backwards by 1’s from 20
  • Counts by 10’s forward to 100
  • Names 1-9 as digits
  • Reads and writes numbers up to 100
  • Reads and writes the number “before” and the number “after” to 100
  • Identifies number words to ten
  • Tells time by hour and half-hour
  • Knows the concepts of an inch
  • Identifies patterns
  • Identifies common geometric shapes
  • Identifies the terms less and more
  • Identifies number family concepts
  • Knows fractions “whole” and “half”
  • Knows smallest to largest number concept
  • Identifies more, less, least, most, between, before and after
  • Identifies the symbols +, -, and =
  • Identifies the terms add, addition, difference, equals, minus, plus, subtract, sum, height, length, longer, shorter, and taller
  • Recognizes God made people special
  • Understands people grow and change
  • Understands man’s five senses
  • Understands that all choices have consequences
  • Understands families love one another
  • Understands each family is special and unique
  • Understands families have rules
  • Understands families work together
  • Understands families have fun together
READING (Pearson)
  • Learns forms of literature
  • Listens attentively and follows single and multi-step oral directions
  • Knows directionality
  • Identifies all upper and lower case letters
  • Says the alphabet
  • Recognizes sight words
  • Recognizes and says initial consonant and vowel blends
  • Adds an ending consonant to a blend to say a word
  • Reads words, phrases and sentences
  • Recalls and/or re-reads to answer comprehension questions
  • Recognizes punctuation
  • Recognizes rhyming word pairs
  • Reads orally both individually and in a group setting
  • Choral reads as a group
  • Reads using expression and pausing appropriately
  • Learns role play
  • Develops left to right eye tracking a
  • Traces shapes and letters
  • Draws a picture and writes a class related sentence
  • Develops eye-hand coordination
  • Draws a picture about a story
  • Uses capitals at the beginning of sentences
  • Uses punctuation at the end of sentences
  • Holds pencils and crayons properly
  • Draws and writes within spatial boundaries
  • Accurately traces D’Nealian letters
  • Forms D’Nealian letters, especially name with capital and lower case letters
  • Holds paper properly
  • Copies words and sentences using 3 lines
  • LCS faculty members are registered through the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Teaching Wrigint: Structure & Style is a complete syllabus for teaching writing skills to children in grades K-12.
BIBLE (Abeka)
  • Recognizes the Bible as the ultimate guide for mankind
  • Knows about sin/ Adam and Eve
  • Knows God sent His Son to die for our sins
  • Memorizes correlated Bible passages
  • Knows about Christ’s death and resurrection
  • Knows about Satan and that God is stronger
  • Knows that God wrote the bible
  • Understands that all the Bible is true
  • Knows that there is only one God
  • Understands and lists the three persons of God
  • Understands how to ask for the forgiveness of sin
  • Knows that Lucifer became jealous of God and wanted to be as great as He
  • Knows that Satan is God’s enemy and the enemy of all Christians