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Student of the Month

A Student of the Month is recognized for consistently demonstrating kindness, compassion, and respect as well demonstrating responsibility, working hard in the classroom and making outstanding academic efforts.

October 2018

 Ezzie Martin

"Ezzie is an outstanding student that has continually pushed herself to do her best. Whenever there is a homework assignment or test, Ezzie diligently checks and rechecks each answer carefully. She has truly demonstrated the concept found in Galatians 6:9, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Even when others finish before her, she still works to do her best and does not rush to put answers on her page. Lately, her grades have excelled because she has made a conscious effort to work hard not only in class, but also at home. For these reasons, I nominate Ezzie Martin as student of the month." 

-Mrs. Highfield 


 Emily Tiihonen

"I nominated Emily TIihonen for student of the month because she is an excellent individual both in and outside of the classroom.  Emily maintained a high grade point average, while playing volleyball for LCS.  She works well with other students in class group work and always has a Christ-like attitude of willingness to do whatever is asked of her.  Congratulations, Emily!"

-Mrs. Spaulding


 Marleigh Beaker

"Marleigh has made the transition to LCS seamlessly. She is a great student and always gives me her very best.  Her work is in on time, is written out neatly (which is a HUGE blessing to me, as a math teacher), and is done correctly (most of the time )  She is respectful to her teachers and her classmates, and when I'm talking I always know I have her full attention.  Great job, Marleigh!  Keep up the good work.  We are blessed to have you here at LCS!"

-Mrs. Stiles

September 2018 
John Harris
"John is an excellent student in Algebra 1.  He picks up on concepts quickly, as a result of working diligently in class.  He has helped other students with their understanding of difficult concepts in class during our section reviews.  The most important reason that John received my nomination as student of the month is that he has finally broken the horrible habit of tossing his pencil up and down for the ENTIRE block."
-Mr. Highfield

November 2018

Kaylie Clore

I would like to nominate Kaylie Clore for middle school student of the month.  As a new student, Kaylie has easily fit right in with the students in her class.  She turns in work that shows her best effort, and she gladly participates in classroom discussion.  She is a great student and a great addition to LCS.”
-Mrs. Nolen
Nick McCain
“I'd like to nominate Nick McCain for student of the month. He comes to class daily with a 
smile on his face and a great attitude. He is always prepared, focused in class, organized, 
and diligent in his work. (See what I did there with comma rule 2a, Nick? :)” 
-Mrs. O'Keefe