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Good Samaritans

The Good Samaritan honor is for exceptional display of Christ-like character toward others.

2020-21 Good Samaritans:

Mrs Highfield's Entire 4th Grade Class

I would like to nominate the entire fourth grade class for the elementary Good Samaritan award.  These students used their talents and entrepreneurship to develop businesses.  The funds from these endeavors will benefit several different ministries in the local area, as well as sponsor children in other countries.  The fourth graders willingly gave up much of their personal time at school and at home to bake, craft, design and sell items to other students.  What a wonderful way to show the love of Christ!

-Mrs. Spaulding


Jake Bury

I would like to nominate Jake Bury as the secondary Good Samaritan for the month of February.  Jake has shown a great deal of kindness to our new 6th grade student.  Jake is always looking out for the needs of others, and goes out of his way to be kind to everyone.  In doing this, he exemplifies what it means to be a Good Samaritan.  Congratulations, Jake!

-Mrs. Spaulding


Jaydin Maulbetsch and Trent Spirl

I would like to nominate for Good Samaritans for often volunteering to wash all my individual math white boards.  I never have to ask.  They just jump right to when they see the need. It's a huge blessing for me.

-Mrs. Stiles


Samuel Fry

I nominate Samuel Fry for Good Samaritan of the month. Sam started a business at the beginning of the school year. He has dedicated countless hours to not only completing his homework, but also to diligently completing orders for his hand-designed coffee mugs and soap each night. Sam put in all this effort to raise money for his four year old sponsor child in Africa. He has not taken money for himself, but selflessly thought of the needs of another. I am proud to say Sam is a living example of Philippians 2:3-4,  "Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Keep up the good work, Sam. 
-Mrs. Highfield 
Olivia Recker
I would like to nominate Olivia Recker for Good Samaritan for her generosity.  She was a safety for the kindergarten in September and brought the Ker's candy as a way to show them she cared.  She respected Mrs. Herndon by asking permission to give it out at a time that would be best.  That was a thoughtful gesture! 
-Ms. Chapman

2019-20 Good Samaritans:

Ezzie Martin, Caylin Lindsay, and Amelia Slater

I would like to nominate Ezzie Martin, Caylin Lindsay, and Amelia Slater for the February Good Samaritans.  These three girls worked together to start a fundraising campaign to help Pastor Voigt collect funds to go on a missions trip to India.  The girls made posters and encouraged their fellow students to bring in money for Pastor Voigt all on their own. Way to Go, Girls!

-Mrs. Spaulding

Sam Ferrell
"I would nominate Sam Ferrell. Last week when the secondary had a half day, Mr. DelCorvo and I were setting up tables and chairs for the elementary lunch. Sam was walking through the gym and offered to help without being asked. He helped us finish setting up for lunch. It was much appreciated."
-Mrs. Hollingsworth
Grace Sullivan
"I'd like to nominate Grace Sullivan for a Good Samaritan. She always goes out of her way to make others feel included.I have watched her encourage others to get involved in class or activities that are done in class. She consistently draws others in, being a friend to all.Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus, Grace. Keep it up!"
-Mrs. Hollingsworth
Maddy Cook
"I appreciate Maddy's sweet, kind, helpful nature. She displays a Christ-like example in all of her interactions with both students and staff. I feel blessed to have her in my class."
-Mrs. Nazione
Harley Hatt
"Harley Hatt has gone above and beyond repeatedly this year to open the door for me when my hands have been full.  I have also seen him do this for others.  Even if Harley is in the middle of doing something else, he will stop, and quickly help out when he is needed.  It is evident that he is doing this NOT to be rewarded, but because he has a kind and loving servant's heart.  He also exemplifies the character trait of being respectful.  He always has a friendly greeting and smile for me.  In addition, he is caring and asks me how I am doing.  He is a blessing to me and to many others.  I truly appreciate how thoughtful he is toward other people."
- Mrs. White
Rachel Spaulding
"I would like to nominate Rachel Spaulding for Good Samaritan for the month of October.  She has a kind, caring heart and has shown Christ's love to others.  When some of her classmates did not have money to buy cider and donuts, Rachel felt very sad.  She went to her mother, and explained how badly she felt because her friends were unable to purchase cider and doughnuts.  Rachel and her sweet mother provided the funds so her friends could also enjoy this special treat.  In addition,  Rachel has done an excellent job being a wonderful role model for her classmates by following the rules, and striving to always do what is right.  She has done an excellent job helping one of our new students get adjusted, as well.  Rachel does all of these good deeds quietly, and without drawing attention or fuss to herself.  She also has a very positive attitude and an understanding heart.  I greatly appreciate how Rachel shows the love of God to those around her."
- Mrs. White
Jake Bury
"Jake is being selected as a Good Samaritan because he is seeking to support Simon and Chocreen who are in Uganda.  If you recall, we are supporting these two young people to help them be able to pay for an education at a boarding school in their country.  Before this, they were homeless and not able to attend school.  He is collecting donations.  In two days, he raised about $12 to put toward our school goal for them.  He is encouraging those to whom he comes in contact to donate coins toward this effort.  He is demonstrating a kind heart as he thinks about how to help those who need support.
- Miss Chapman
Ryleigh Rollins
"I'd like to nominate Ryleigh Rollins for Good Samaritan.  She selflessly gave up her position during a volleyball game to allow another teammate to get some play time.  She did it all without complaining and cheered her teammate on.  I was so proud of both of them!"
- Mrs. Stiles

2018-2019 Good Samaritans:

Ava Seidel
"For the month of March, as our elementary Good Samaritan, I would like to honor Ava Seidel from 2nd Grade.  Mrs. Kimberlin told me that she held the door for an entire class without being asked. In addition, every morning, before school, Ava does a wonderful job helping me set things out to prepare for school.  Recently, when I thanked Ava for her good deeds, and told her she had earned a clip up, she replied, "Thank you, but I don't do things to get a clip up.  I do them for God."  :)  Ava has a wonderful heart for serving God and serving others.  She aims to please Christ with her words, deeds, and actions.  She sets a great example for her classmates on a daily basis."
-Mrs. White
Thomas Michals
"I'd like to nominate Thomas Michals for his help in moving my tables to the church format after school on Monday. He did so without question & with a smile on his face. Thanks, Thomas!"
-Miss Hall
Ethan & Kaden Autry, Bryce & Bradley Byers 
"The Autry and Byers boys helped Mrs. Durand set up tables and chairs for Celebrate Recovery. Her regular helper had cancelled because of medical issues. She said, God provides...He always does!"
-Mrs. Byers
Ryan Keller
"I would like to nominate Ryan Keller for Good Samaritan.  Each day before lunch, when I see him, he will either stand at the top of the stairs or the bottom of the stairs and hold the door open.  He is very polite and always holds the door for his classmates and anyone else he sees."
-Ms. Glassey
Colin Spelman
"Sweet Colin in 3rd Grade saw me spill papers in the hall and came to help me pick them up. I would like to nominate him for Good Samaritan  Miss Lods confirmed that he is that kind often."
-Mrs. Schell
Grace Turcotte
"I nominate Grace Turcotte for Good Samaritan.  Grace always has a smile and a cheerful greeting.  Grace has shown the characteristics of a Good Samaritan all year, but the best example of this is one day at lunch when she physically took a broom out of my hand during lunch clean-up.  She told me she knew I had other things to do, and she really wanted to finish.  This is the behavior and demeanor of a true Christ-like, Good Samaritan.  
Thank you Grace.  You’re a blessing to many. "
Mrs. Neathamer
Hunter Martin
"Hunter Martin amazed me with his choice to visit Bob Chapman when we first found out he was seriously ill.  He took it upon himself to visit Bob, took Bob to a welding company to finish off an outside cone holder for the school, and upon returning to Bob's house spent a few hours visiting with him.  Bob was overwhelmed with the kind gesture.  Hunter understood the need, embraced a solution he could affect, and took the time to carry it out.  All of it was done on Hunter's time rather than taking time away from school.  He demonstrated exactly what God expects of each of us who identify with him."
-Mr. Nast
Logan Martin, Zedekai Martin, Reece Rollins, and Kolten Spirl
The fifth grade boys have selected not to have nut products in their lunches so they can sit with the classmate who cannot eat nut foods.  This means no peanut butter sandwiches, no nut bars, no nuts at lunch.  Clearly, from the first week of school, it has been important to them (and their parents), that a classmate wouldn't sit alone during any lunch.  I believe I have observed every boy, every day, sitting at the nut free table, even though they didn't have to.  What a way to demonstrate care for someone in a most tangible way!"
-Miss Chapman
Braden Shiposh
"Braden was a safety patroller last month, who also went out of his way to help a 2nd grade student.   This student was set to get into his car, but realized he had forgotten something in this classroom.  Mrs. White would have had to leave her class to walk him inside, but Braden just volunteered to take the 2nd grader to his room to get the item.  Mrs. White was relieved from having to figure out how to have someone else watch her class because Braden helped her.  Way to go!"
-Miss Chapman
Sarah, Ben, Tim, Grace & Faith Sullivan & Ryan Keller
"I would like to nominate the Sullivan kids and Ryan Keller for Good Samaritans.  They spent many hours this summer assisting with the move not just from Whitmore Lake but back and forth many times from Lindbom to the Naz and back again.  Not only did they show up to assist their parents and anyone else there, they did it with such great attitudes.  They were always kind to each other throughout the days.  I never saw any whining, complaining, etc. even from the littlest Sullivan, Faith, because her brothers and sisters always made sure someone was taking care of her.  Sarah has even developed excellent trailer backing-up skills that I envy.  
Ryan and his grandpa showed up with the truck and lifted and transported many heavy items up and down to set up the rooms.  He never stopped working until the last box was unpacked and no one ever had to remind him to get back to work- it was more like we had to remind him to take a break.
-Mrs. MacKinnon