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ACSI Accreditation and AdvancEd Accreditation Are Hallmarks of Strong Private Schools
Livingston Christian Schools (LCS) is proud to announce that it is jointly accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Advance Ed (formerly NCA) Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. Accreditation by the ACSI and AdvancEd organizations helps ensure that LCS meets the highest standards in Christian elementary and secondary education.


Because LCS is the only Christian school in Livingston County that is ACSI accredited, our students and parents enjoy the benefits that are part and parcel of a Christian education with an accelerated Christian education curriculum.

LCS Teachers Have Dual ACSI Certification and Michigan Certification

The ACSI accreditation process requires that full-time faculty are certified through both ACSI and the State of Michigan. Through the accreditation process, the credentials and certification of LCS teachers and administrators have been validated. Because LCS is accredited, our students and parents can be assured that LCS faculty members are not only capable but are also certified to teach in their specialty subject matter. Our successful completion of the ACSI accreditation process means that LCS teachers and administrators are held to the highest professional standards.

And certification is not a one-time-only event. The ACSI accredited teachers and administrators at LCS must maintain their certifications through continual professional development in both subject matter and Bible studies. Your child's LCS teachers are held accountable for continually learning about new teaching strategies and for enhancing their subject matter knowledge. And accreditation also means that the LCS administration and board are accountable for meeting curricular goals, operating the school building safety, and maintaining a commitment to continually improving the educational experience for our LCS students and their parents.

Accreditation Shows That LCS Is Committed to the Highest Standards for Christian Schools

ACSI is an internationally recognized accrediting organization devoted to assisting schools in maintaining a Christian focus in education. ACSI goes beyond the routine educational accreditation provided by the AdvancEd because it requires teachers to establish a Christian philosophy of education and encourages Bible study as a way to support spiritual growth in the personal lives of the teachers.

The level of commitment of LCS to the highest professional standards is demonstrated by the three years we spent preparing for accreditation. After this period of intensive preparation, the accrediting bodies visited LCS and thoroughly assessed the school's administrators, faculty, board, organizational structure, curriculum, policies, and practices, and determined that they are in compliance with the highest educational standards.

ACSI Accreditation Demonstrates an Accelerated Christian Education

In line with its commitment to the highest educational standards, LCS offers students and their parents:

A Christian school curriculum. The LCS high school curriculum is designed to meet or exceed state requirements in every area. It is geared to prepare students for the demands of a college curriculum.

Christian education + integrating principles. In measuring student achievement, LCS uses a Stanford Achievement Test that includes a Bible subtest.

Advanced educational requirements. LCS now requires an online course as part of its secondary curriculum, in line with new requirements for Michigan high school students. Academic counseling for the high school is also being developed.

LCS Is One of the Top Private High Schools

According to school-wide achievement tests, LCS students are ahead of the national average in every subject area, by 1.3 to 2.2 years. The LCS teacher-to-student ratio is approximately 1 to 13. With small class sizes, lots of individual attention, advanced teacher preparation, and our ongoing commitment to the highest educational standards through ACSI accreditation and AdvancEd accreditation, LCS offers a Christian school experience and Christian character education that stand out among private Christian schools.

Visit LCS and See for Yourself

We at LCS welcome your interest and would be glad to talk with you about what we offer our students. Please call us and visit us to take a first-hand look at what LCS has to offer. If you're looking for an outstanding Christian education for your child, LCS stands out among Michigan Christian schools.