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Admissions Policies

  • Parents must indicate a spiritual motivation for enrollment, including the
  • Parents must accept the LCS approach to curricula.
  • The school will utilize information from previous school experiences and home background.
  • All new students must submit proof of current physical examinations and have up-to-date immunizations or the necessary waivers prior to the start of school.
  • Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 1st of the current school year or receive permission from the administration.
    • All kindergarten students will be evaluated prior to placement, regardless of birth date.  
    • LCS has observed that children who are younger than their peers run the risk of not being mature enough to adequately handle the emotional, social and academic stresses of school.  This observation applies not only to children in elementary school, but to students in middle and high school.
  • New elementary and secondary school applicants may be given standardized tests under the direction of a faculty member if such test is deemed necessary.  Its purpose is to verify the student’s ability to function at grade level. Arrangements for testing will be made during the registration procedure. See also, Transfer Students

The administrator will make the final decision for acceptance or rejection of students except for students that have been expelled from any other school, public or private, or convicted of a felony.  These exceptions will be reviewed by the Board’s Admissions Committee for final determination. See Nondiscrimination Policy

LCS reserves the right to deny enrollment should any of the following conditions apply:

  • Applicant has a continuing record of juvenile or school related offenses.
  • Applicant has felony convictions such as drug possessions or sales; weapon possession; or assault conviction.
  • Applicant has emotional, physical, or academic conditions that cannot be accommodated by Livingston Christian Schools.
  • Applicant verbally or attitudinally does not demonstrate a desire to attend Livingston Christian Schools.
  • Livingston Christian Schools does reserve the right to refuse admission to any students with severe disciplinary or psychological problems, or those who require special education services in order to reach maximum achievement in school.  At this time, such services are not offered at LCS


Admissions Procedures

  • Families wishing to enroll students in LCS may visit/tour the school prior to proceeding with the admissions/enrollment process.
  • Families may choose to schedule a family interview prior to completing the application for enrollment.
  • Early childhood applicants may meet with the Early Childhood Director instead of the administrator.
  • Submit an Application for Enrollment for each student.  
  • Submit the appropriate Registration Fee.
  • Arrange for a Pastor Recommendation Form to be completed & submit to LCS
  • Schedule a family interview with the administrator.  
    • Middle/High School interview must include the student and at least one parent/guardian.  
    • If possible, academics records for students entering grades 1-12 should be brought to the interview.
    • If the child is/has been homeschooled, family must provide homeschool academic records for the interview.
    • See also: Transfer Students
  • LCS will notify applicants of acceptance status within one week following the family interview.
    • Once accepted, the new student/family will be sent the link to the Enrollment/Re-enrollment Checklist to complete the enrollment process.