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Game times and locations can be found on the LCS Website Calendar
Team Principles
1. Be true to yourself – forget your reputation and focus on your character.
2. Help others – the essence of Teamwork (following the Golden Rule, Mt 7:12)
3. Make each day your masterpiece – through preparation and focus.

Behavior Focus
The LCS Boys Basketball program focuses on four principles of behavior: hustle, effort, attitude, and attendance.
Attitude is a choice. No matter what happens around you or to you, you have the ability to decide to let it affect you and change you for better or for
Hustle and effort demonstrate hard work. Most people do not like hard work. Our human nature seems to search for the easy or pleasant path through life. We need to be taught that diligence and perseverance – hard work – does pay off with growth and improvement. 
Perfect attendance is rewarded, as previous players can attest.