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Spiritual Life

Building Disciples and Inspiring Academic Excellence through Biblically Based Education.....
is the mission statement of Livingston Christian Schools.  LCS has been building disciples since its inception in 1986 and continues today as evidenced in the spiritual life of the students, families, alumni and staff.  From weekly, age-appropriate chapel services beginning in kindergarten to bi-annual mission trips in high school, LCS provides a range of opportunities that prepare students for a life that exemplifies Christ.
Pastor Kris Mavin serves in the position of Director of Spiritual Development.  The position is designed to address the areas that directly affect the spiritual growth of students (EC - grade 12), and personnel.  This includes Bible classes and Bible curriculum, chapels, special events such as mission trips and spiritual life emphasis weeks, and more.  Pastor Mavin works with the administration to implement the programs.  He has been a long time associate of LCS as chapel speaker, facilitator of our Jamaica trips, and provider of family devotions during the lockdown.  Pastor Kris has also pastored several churches, served as a missionary to Jamaica, and taught in several  Christian schools.