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Part-time Enrollment Options

Livingston Christian Schools offers “a la carte” courses to suit the individual learning needs of part-time students in grades 6-12.  LCS offers a wide spectrum of studies in the core subjects of Bible, English, math, science and socials studies as well as a growing variety of electives.

Certified teachers instruct classes including physical, earth, and life sciences as well as biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy.  Math offerings include pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus.  History Department classes include world and U.S. history, geography, civics and economics. English classes are taught at each grade level as well as offerings of American and British Literature.

Part-time students may also elect to take music, art, physical education, Spanish and technology classes as well as electives such as speech or psychology.

If homeschooling is your family’s choice, consider supplementing with the challenging and enriching programs at Livingston Christian Schools.  Schedules vary from year to year- contact the LCS Homeschool Support Staff for current enrollment information.