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Bulletin Board » What Alumni Are Saying.... "For everything you did, I wanted to say thank you."

What Alumni Are Saying.... "For everything you did, I wanted to say thank you."

Hi Mrs. Nazione,

My name is Michael Holden. I am not sure if you remember me but you were my Algebra 1 teacher and I think you might have been my English teacher as well in 8th grade back in 2007-2008. I wanted to email you because I wanted to let you know how big of a difference you made in my life. I remember being loud, very distracted, often tired, and usually silly in nearly every class I was in so I am sure it was the same when I was in yours. It turned out that I had ADHD and I wasn't officially diagnosed until high school, so I'm sorry about that.

One of the things I remember about you was how patient and kind you were to me. I remember not understanding things or not wanting to do my work, but you helped me through it. I remember you giving me tools to help me be successful and gently helping me stay on task. Schoolwork was hard for me then and I did not like it, but you made it better.

I was a Bible major in college and I became a youth pastor immediately after here in Austin, TX where I live now. I started working at a school to supplement my income and I loved it so much that I got my certification and I am now a 3rd grade teacher! The reason I am a teacher now is in part to the work you did for me in 8th grade. My parents still talk about you and how wonderful you were for me.

For everything you did, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the homework, the gentle reminders, the patience, the support, that one time you let us watch a YouTube video in class, and for the example you set that I try to follow now in my own classroom. You are a blessing to every student who enters your classroom. I hope you are having your best year yet!


Michael Holden