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Bulletin Board » What Visitors Are Saying.... LCS "is a calm, happy place!"

What Visitors Are Saying.... LCS "is a calm, happy place!"

Dear Ted,
We have said our ‘goodbyes’ and given our ‘thank yous’ but I have to add a further comment about what I observed at Livingston Christian this week.

First, I know we both agree that this was God’s work and we thank Him for what transpired.

But may I add that I have rarely seen a group of elementary students better focused, more courteous and attentive than I saw this week. You obviously have a staff which creates a safe, well-ordered environment for your kids. Your school is a calm, happy place! I just did chapel and never had to worry about discipline or attention issues. Thank you.

I got to observe Mrs. Johnson in action with several classes. She is an unusually talented and experienced musician and teacher. Please do not pass my comments along to her as I have already shared my opinions about her work with her and I wouldn’t want her to get a big head! ;) I very often find kids today who don’t like to sing and cannot carry a simple melody. Observing Mrs. Johnson in action I saw kids who are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed singing out with great gusto.