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What Parents are Saying..... Why We Love LCS

The staff make my kids feel at home. Jesus is front and center and my kids have been able to grow closer, stronger in their faith with no limits. Jesus is part of everyday and that brings peace to my heart. The relationships formed are close both with teachers and classmates and the environment is warm and welcoming.

We love LCS because it's more then just a school, it's an extended family.

We love LCS for so many reasons: The staff is committed to academic and spiritual growth of our kids, not just in name, but in action. Our kids have built strong bonds with their peers and teachers that will transcend graduation. We are so very grateful to LCS for providing an amazing experience for our whole family.

We love the Christian teachers who give so much of themselves to better our Children's lives. They care not only about their school grade, but their daily lives. We also love the family atmosphere!!! Our kids love going to school & never want to miss a day at LCS.

My child is learning in a strong academic environment. The teachers and staff are committed to the growth of my daughter as a whole child, but especially spiritually. We love LCS!!

We operate as one big family of God. Our goal is to give students a Biblical World view while strengthening their faith and academic learning. By example, they are shown the proper perspective on life. Christ comes first, everything else, including education, after.

We love LCS for placing God's Word as the foundation for all learning, for its Jesus-loving faculty and staff, for its tight-knit family-like community, and for equipping our children to stand firm in their faith and share their faith to a world that desperately needs Christ.

Christian worldview integrated in every subject. The high school students seem to have a sincere faith of their own, and it reflects in how they treat one another. the teachers really get to know their students, love them, and help them be successful. the academic level in many classes is very rigorous.

We are more like one big family.... does not feel so "starch" love it!!!

We love the close knit environment!

Dedicated and supportive staff

I love LCS and all the educators there because of their unwavering commitment to The Christian Faith and their refusal to conform to culture driven changes that water it down. I love the dedication of all the teachers and supporting staff members. Each and every one plays a vital role, and everyone of them could earn a higher income in public schools or employment elsewhere. That's true devotion to " a Higher Calling" - a ministry even. Having put my own daughters through the school in the early 80's - and watching students from that era grow to become solid Christians and achieve great careers, I am pleased with the "final product" - young Christian adults that think critically and independently. Young men and women that can rely on the education and foundation they received at LCS to carry them through a troubled world. I'm certain the solid foundations laid for my children decades ago will also be instilled in my grandchild today. You have my unwavering support and my prayers for much success in the coming years.

The caring attitude of everyone in the school, staff, students and parents.

My daughter is surrounded by wonderful people who have hearts for Christ.

We love LCS as a family because coming to a new high school is always a challenge but from the start we've been included, encouraged, and received a big heart welcome! The teachers and staff are willing to go the extra mile to help our student to grow spiritually, academically, organizationally, and relationally .......in the classroom, just hanging out, or on the basketball court.

I love LCS for the bible based teaching from Godly men & women who truly care for each & every student.

Christ centered education is the hope for the future.

It’s like one big family!

Excellent Christian Environment

Because I know that my children are being taught and cared for just as If they were here at home with me. The staff genuinely cares for each child as an individual.

As a parent of a graduate I see now how LCS has prepared my child for her future. She is doing exceedingly well in college. She is constantly being asked where she went to school because she stands out above her peers.

My children love LCS because they love their friends and their teachers. They love that they can have fun at school, while they are learning. My husband and I love LCS because it feels like a family. My children are looked after and cared for by the teachers, staff and their peers. They are receiving a first class education centered around Christ’s teachings. We could not be happier with the quality of their education, the love and caring shown by the teachers and staff and the families we have surrounding us.

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